Silver Screen

Despite not being a Texan, I fully endorse the below. A series of fills, shot in Texas, screening in historical Texan landmarks, organized by the Alamo Drafthouse. In addition to them being some of my favorite films (my dog is even named Hud) they posters are absolutely beautiful. If you are in the neighborhood, don’t miss out.

See the Schedule HERE.


Poppa Was a Hell’s Angel

Who wants to knock me up so I can use our kid as a prop?

Silver Foxes

Here’s a tribute to all the silver haired dudes out there…Gramps this is for you.

Paul Newman

Lee Marvin

Lee Marvin AND Paul Newman


Kris Kristofferson’s Beard

Charlie Rich (The OG Silver Fox)

Jim Jarmusch

Sam Elliot’s Mustache

James Coburn (but not his mustache)

And silver long hair (double trouble) Leon Russell.

Star of Texas.

White on White.

Houston, We Have a Problem

Spring Fling

Summer’s right around the corner isn’t it? This year’s look? Gypsies, tramps, and thieves and I’m thinking it’s time for a haircut…You need one too? Try Lucas in Echo Park.


The dude. Before he was the dude.