Looking for that special gift for that special guy?

Well if you have a few thousand dollars to spare, look no further than Black Sheep and Prodigal Son’s Mammoth Straight Razor.

Each made to order, and one of a kind, the razors vintage steel blade is complemented with a wooly mammoth ivory sheath. Worried that your guy may already have a wooly mammoth razor? In that case you can customize the scrimshaw engraving on the sheath with any message of your choice. Take his shave to the next level with a racy photo of yourself in the Stanhope lens which magnifies a 2 to 3 millimeter image to 160x its size.

While this isn’t something you or I will ever be able to afford, it’s great to see someone preserving old craft and tradition.

And if you act fast, you can enjoy 20% off any item on their site. While the razor may be out of your reach, their necklaces or keychains may be more attainable.