Flavorwire sent out a list of their top 5 Juke Joints in the South, Wild Bill’s in Memphis coming in at number four.

For those of you unfamiliar with Memphis and Wild Bills, here’s what they had to say about it:

“This famed “social club” in North Memphis was founded by William “Wild Bill” Story, who passed away in 2007. Wild Bill’s still attracts college students, local blues aficionados, and tourists intrepid enough to venture off the neon-spangled stretch of Beale Street. The seating is picnic tables, and the beer is served in 40-ounce bottles, or, if you prefer to bring your own brew, the staff will provide ice buckets. Most of the tiny dance floor is taken up by the house band. Wild Bill’s also serves food to patrons seeking respite from the sweaty dancefloor. Try the chicken wings — they’re delicious.”

I’ve been to Wild Bills, yes the wings are great, but what’s greater is the company you’ll keep there.

I lost $30 playing 3-card monte. This guy needed it though, perhaps he will get himself a new tooth with the money?

Fortunately I had enough money left to get me a big plate of wings. White bread goes with everything down south.

Also on their list is Red’s in Clarksdale Mississippi, home of the delta blues. Red’s is great, as is the BBQ joint down the street, Abe’s. Their BBQ sauce is crack in a bottle, shipp home bottles of the stuff if you’re ever there. And while you’re in Clarksdale, don’t forget to put some money down on your layaway chainsaw. Yes this sign is for reals.