I miss Paul Newman. No, not that I ever knew him, but I’m sad knowing he’s not out there anymore.

All from the movie Hud, my little pup’s namesake.

Patricia Neal won the Best Actress Academy Award for her great performance in Hud. Acting surly when Paul Newman is trying to make out with you? Yeah, that must be tough, my hat goes off to her.

Brandon DeWilde, you may recognize him from Shane. Shaaaaaaaaane! Shaaaaaaaane!! DeWilde befriended Gram Parsons shortly before his untimely death in 1972.

The lines “Once I knew a young man went driving through the night, miles and miles without a word but just his high-beam lights.  Who’d have ever thought they’d build such a deadly Denver bend; to be so strong, to take so long as it would till the end” refer to DeWilde’s deadly car crash.

Eyes on the road Hud, eyes on the road.