My favorite 70’s Silver Fox, Leon Russell gets plastered with Willie (naturally) at his 4th of July Picnic. LA’s best movie house, the Silent Movie Theatre will be screening Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Celebration at 6 PM this Independence Day. Come watch the film before getting plastered a’la Russell (bless his heart) and watching fireworks where-ever the evening leads you. Co-presented by Arthur Magazine.
From  Cinefamily’s website: “An incredibly rare boozy ‘n woozy full-length concert film, shot at the 1977 edition of Willie’s very informal annual 4th of July concert festival. Featuring Willie, Waylon, Leon Russell, Doug Kershaw and other great country stars singin’, sweatin’, partyin’ — and most importantly of all, drinkin’. These folks were some of the ultimate party animals, with Leon Russell emerging as the King of Booze in some of the most gloriously inebriated footage ever shot! As Austin, TX’s Alamo Drafthouse says: “These good ol’ boys knew as much about partying as Marie Curie knew about radium. Be there!!!!”