Always keep doin’ somethin’.
If it ain’t much, do a little.

And don’t never forget to get down on your knees and pray to God
And thank him for the time that He’s given you on earth.
And from there go on and talk to the Lord just like you talk to us humans on earth.

Live careful and eat three times a day.
Eat common, plain food…soul food like beans, turnip greens, cornbread…
Drink the best bourbon whiskey.

People condemn whiskey, but they have no right to.
Because, when God created the heaven and earth, He created all things.
He also created barley, rye, and if He didn’t think that was good for Man,
He wouldn’t let those things grow.
But—He also created cattle of the fields and birds of the air and food for us to subsist on.
But He didn’t mean for us to eat so much of it
that it was detrimental to us, would make us sick.

The same thing applies to whiskey or beer or anything you’d drink.
You don’t have to drink a barrel of whiskey because you see a barrel sitting there.
You drink a little bit of it and stop,
And ask God to give you the knowledge to do that.

In his interview with Townes Van Zandt in Heartworn Highways